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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 6

Okay, I'm not going to follow the rules. This will not be completely wordless. I apologize in advance but I really don't like it when people tell me what to do. And because some faceless person decided that as a blogger I need to use no words on Wednesday, I will therefore want to go against the flow. My first Wordless Wednesday was filled with needless chatter. My second attempt was actually published on Tuesday rather than Wednesday. But then I ran out of rebellious ideas. Until today.

Our venture into the snow (before breakfast of course, because everyone was too excited to wait), was followed by a few rather interesting conversations:

Eden: You know what I don't like about snow?

Me: What?

Eden: (as she is playing and I am shoveling) I don't like having to shovel all the snow when we go outside.

Go figure. Good thing for her I do like to shovel when I go outside.

HopeAnne: (after all the layers have been applied and she has been turned into a Pink Marshmallow, as Jesse has called her) What are we supposed to do when we are outside in the snow?

I don't know. Why don't you just make a few more snow angels, throw a few more snowballs, and crawl around a bit more in the snow. Then let me know what you think you should do outside in the snow.

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