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Friday, January 7, 2011

Face it

I owe this one to my friend, Kym, who got me started:

You know you are getting old when . . .

-You have surgery to remove body parts you don't need anymore and you can remember this type of surgery being talked about in hushed tones when you were a child because it wasn't politically correct to talk about such things
-You can talk about medical issues you've been suffering for 20+ years, and it isn't something you were born with
-More friends than not are on blood pressure and/or cholesterol meds
-Your post-op goal of the day is simply to poop and that when that goal is achieved you are free to announce "mission accomplished" at the dinner table. Why not? You've been giving pooping, potty training, and puking updates at the dinner table for years now. Why not add your own?
-You are in the hospital and the nurse insists on calling you "Mrs. King" rather than your first name
-You question your doctor's competency, not because he made some fatal error in judgement, but because he looks too young and doesn't have a good old-fashioned name
-Your oldest is turning 16. I guess this doesn't mean you are as old as you'd be if your youngest was turning 16.
-That same almost-16 year old asked you (seriously) how it felt to know that you've likely lived half of your life already.
-You are again receiving college solicitations only they aren't addressed to you.
-You go into an antiques shop and see some of your favorite childhood possessions. Like that little rolling telephone. And your favorite Little House on the Prairie lunchbox.

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