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Friday, January 27, 2017

One glorious week

The Good Doctor took Victor to Florida for a week. Some women like flowers (they die - the flowers, not the women) and some like jewelry (but there are children who need homes). I like alone time. So this was a good thing.

But then he brought Victor home.

He has been home less than 24 hours and this morning I've already  changed his underwear 5 times.

Poop 2
Pee 3
Cindy 0.

Nothing like a week of vacation to put you back to square one.

But let's look at the positive side.

I've completed (all but hand sewing the binding, which I can do with Victor in tow) 3 quilts; 1 picnic/throw blanket size and 2 baby quilts. I cleared all the mending off the sewing chair except for one shirt that was too far gone and a pair of pants that I still can't remember why they were there. And that was all in the first 3 days because after that there were men working in the basement and I would have been in their way (and they in mine). I cleaned out the laundry room and HopeAnne's room (the latter took 2 days). I've had daily uninterrupted time for devotions and Bible study preparation. I spent two wonderful days with my very mature 12 year old since she had those days off from school. We went to Color Me Mine, attended her parent/teacher conference, watched another food documentary (if that girl isn't a teacher some day, she is most likely going to be a nutritionist; she loves her food and nutrition documentaries!). I was able to finally schedule PT for a heel/tendon issue that has resurfaced since surgery corrected it in high school. And then I went to the Y to run and undo all that they had done (in my defense, they did not say that I couldn't run). In fact, I got to the Y a total of 4 days while they were gone; joining the retired folks making that trek around the track. That doesn't happen when Victor is home; he's not exactly YMCA childcare material. I think (but I lost count) I had chai every day except one and went to the same coffee shop three days in a row as I had lunch with 2 friends and coffee/chai with another. I took 2 different children to the orthodontist on 2 separate days and didn't have to entertain Victor in the waiting room. I set up and facilitated (with Eden in John's place) the first Victorious Hope Adoption Consulting training/support session. It was the perfect start to our almost-monthly meetings with an engaging and encouraging speaker who spoke on the topic of caring for the biological children in our homes when brining in kids from places of trauma. I picked up Shoun from swimming. Some days he was there on time. Some days he wasn't. And some days he put "practice" on the calendar but it was really a meet so I went to pick him up twice; one false alarm and once for realsies.

So after putting things into perspective, what's 5 pairs of soiled underwear when compared to all that?

Don't answer.

But on a lighter note, I did enjoy one more Victor-ism after a week without:

Me: Victor, I'm not very happy that you had another accident. I never said I wanted to have children so that I could clean poop off their butts. Not ever. This is not why I wanted to be a parent. Did you know that?

Victor (clearly not understanding the definition of a rhetorical question, very seriously answered): No, I did not.

Now he knows. We'll see if it makes a difference.

And the Good Doctor did obey my command to not set foot inside the front door until at least 4PM. He even took a detour through Washington, D.C. just to make sure that wouldn't happen. And when he arrived home at 3:55 PM, he told HopeAnne and Victor to play outside for 5 minutes. I let them in at 3:56. Close enough.

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