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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Birthday Charm

"Today your charm will have them singing like the birds."

This was the birthday boy's fortune at the Chinese buffet today. We decided to go out to celebrate since only half of us were home (don't judge - it's cheaper that way). He also only got half of his present. He has to wait til Dad comes home to get the other half. And to have his birthday dinner and dessert.

He came to join our team January 22, 2001 (not the 21st as the Good Doctor thought when he called him yesterday to wish him Happy Birthday).

Back in the day, before naked belly pictures and expensive newborn naked butt photo shoots, we used to send out birth announcements the stats: name, date, weight, length, parents, and siblings. Ours was a whole new bawl game. Creative, huh? (Honestly, we were running out of ideas.)

Well, he did and does have charm. Always has. Most likely always will.

Happy 16th Birthday, Isaac! May you hear lots of bird-like singing today!

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