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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunday School according to Victor

Each week after church I like to ask Victor about the day's Sunday School lesson. The answers are always very interesting.

V: Mom, you're going to have a son.
Me: I am? What will his name be?
V: Abraham.
Me: I think you got that backwards; Abraham was going to have a son and his name was Isaac but if this is a prophecy you'd better warn your father.

Abraham took his wife, Sarah, to Sarah's house and we put glue on the coat and that was it.

In Ninevah there was mean people. Jonah was really scared there. And there was grass. The fish gobbled Joshua up. He stayed in the fish for a long, long time and then he was all yucky. That was really funny. He was stuck in there. He was all grotesque and yucky. He was trying to come out but he can't come out.

The TV told Noah to build an ark so Daddy took me to listen to the drums. I was so excited.

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