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Friday, September 16, 2016


I am receiving an unusual amount of hugs today. "Two arms, Mommy," he says.

Thank you for your prayers. God sustained us yesterday. He was with the surgeon and all of Victor's medical team. He gave them wisdom for each step of the way. He allowed us to come home much earlier than we expected. And He is healing Victor quickly as we had hoped.

There were some typical Victor moments post-op.

Like when he woke up to The Beatles playing. His nurse said she needed more patients like Victor who listened to music from her childhood.

And when he yelled at the nurse to leave him alone (that's when we knew he was back with us).

And when he decided that his mask was the best bedtime snuggly of all and couldn't let it go far from his side.

And when he went through three bags of Goldfish and asked for more.

The popsicle was pretty good, too.

And he was shining in all of his glory when the woman came to transport him to the car and he repeatedly spit at her each time she asked him to state his name. She finally gave up. Hope she had the right patient.

A trip to McDonald's on the way home completed the new-found junk food diet and he was happy.

Until he got home and realized that his legs were still numb and those messages just could not make it from brain to feet. It was like watching a calf try to find his walking legs. He adapted fairly quickly and crawled all over the place like nothing had happened.

Until he yelled, "I'm going to get you, Hopie,"stood up to run and found himself promptly on his side on the floor.  Oops.

He slept well until 3AM when he had to call me to tell me that his mask didn't smell good anymore and I needed to wash it. And his blankets had fallen out of his bed. And he needed a few more toys.

But most of the time today you would never even know that he had surgery yesterday.

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