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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Prayers for surgery

This kid just can't catch a break...

Victor is headed for hernia surgery tomorrow. Please pray for him. It's a routine surgery but nothing is routine for Victor.

His surgery will be at Hershey. Normally it would be at an outpatient facility but due to the fact that children with ONH can have endocrine issues, his surgeon felt like it would be better to be in the hospital just in case. Victor's endocrinologist is aware of the surgery and does not believe there will be an issue because he has done so well to this point so we are praying that she is right. And if she is right, we will be home the same day.

The bigger struggle will be Victor's anxiety and frustration and our inability to adequately prepare him for what is to happen. Please pray for peace and rest rather than anger and tantrums. Specifically, pray that he does not scratch, bite, hit or bang his head against any medical personnel. And while you're at it, I'd love a break from the abuse, too. Pray that he doesn't project all that is happening onto us. When Victor hurts himself, he usually lashes out at the person closest. Whether he has tripped over his own feet, or accidentally walked into something, we think he somehow believes that the person nearest him made it happen. The result is being yelled at and hit or scratched. He also resists comfort at these times. A surgery and all that is going to happen is going to be very confusing to a little one who can't see. 

Pray for swift and complete healing and that he is able to return to "pretty school" and all activities quickly. (By the way, do they make some kind of reverse cone of shame to keep a little boy's hands off his private parts and the stitches therein? Some kind of upside down plastic tutu?) Pray that he does not regress in the potty training progress that we've made.

Thank you, praying friends!

In other news, Victor has finally learned to crawl out of his crib. We knew it would happen someday, and were shocked that it took our climbing, jumping, physically fearless child over 3 years to get here. So, now we spend a good hour or more at each bedtime, chasing him back into bed. So far, he hasn't left the room, although while camping Labor Day weekend we did find him half out of the tent before he was caught. He may not leave the room, but there's plenty to get into in there... toys to play with, diaper bags to empty (and snacks to find and eat), a chair to finally fall asleep in, or...

...shirts to wear as shorts. He was still awake when I found him so I asked if he'd like me to take his "shorts" off but he told me he liked his jammies.

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