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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Foolin' around

We love April Fool's Day around here.

Well, the parents love April Fool's day.

Okay, I love April Fool's Day.

I will admit to a bit of anxiousness during the month of March as I try to come up with new and fun pranks for the kids but it usually comes together just fine.

A friend helped me out this year by sending me this idea just a few days before Easter. Just in time to get the necessary supplies and to set it up.

Because here's the deal: My kids know my love for this holiday. If I were to hand them Easter candy on the 1st of April, they'd see right through that.

So, I started on Monday. I went out bright and early and bought day-after-Easter candy on sale. The kids woke up to a sign that read Happy Monday After Easter along with a special treat for all of them. The next day it was the same thing with a Happy Tuesday After Easter sign and so on. My hope was that by Friday no one would suspect a thing when they received a little baggie of chocolate Easter eggs.

I also froze Lucky Charms and a spoon in a bowl of milk the night before. I set it on the table just before the first person finished her shower. Since I never buy sugar cereal, each child practically salivated while asking if they could have it. After the first child, I just kept saying, "Sure, So-and-so poured it for him/herself but then had to leave so you can have it."  

I can still see that spoon being raise high with a glob of milk and cereal attached.

For supper we had eggs and home fries.

Except it was yogurt, peaches, and apples.

I think maybe HopeAnne had the greatest trick. She crocheted a pair of shorts for brother Jesse. They arrived right on time on the 1st in his college mailbox.

We're still waiting for a picture, Jesse. She did add the rickrack drawstring tie so they would be one size fits all. Just for you.

And all day HopeAnne was trying to think of a way to get her siblings at home when they came home from school. She decided upon fake poop because what kid doesn't like a little fake poop at some point in their lives.

She enjoyed telling the big kids that Victor finally pooped on the potty. Get it? On the potty? Joke was on us; that kid has decided he is never going to do the deed in or on the potty. Ever.

But all is right with the world. Today they get to finish off the box of sugar cereal and eat chocolate Easter eggs that have already been removed from their foil wrappers.

Eat at your own risk, kids.

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