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Sunday, December 8, 2013

My son can't see

There are moments when I forget.  Like when the Good Doctor was trying to get Victor to sleep for the night.  I walked into the room and turned the light off, absentmindedly asking, "Does that help?" Or when I walk toward someone and, making small talk, ask Victor, "Do you want to see so-and-so?"

There are other times when it can be consuming. Like when we're trying to take pictures. You can't call Victor's name and expect him to look at you. You can't make eye contact and hope for a cute smile.  You can't make goofy faces to get his attention or that perfect smile for the picture. When you hold him and wish you could get a smile by locking eyes. When you see another child of similar age smiling, rolling over, sitting up, even starting to crawl.
Every now and then, a great smile or belly laugh.

And then there are the questions. What are we going to do about schooling? What family traditions should we change because they are based on sight? What family activities will we avoid? Will he be musical? Can I continue to interpret for the deaf when I have a child who will never see me do so? Will my church have a place for him? Will he have friends?

But at the end of each day, I know that we're going to be okay. Victor is right where he is supposed to be. We are so blessed to have him and he is blessed to have life. Like the rest of us, he will find his place in this world. He will make a difference. He will serve others. He will shine a light in dark places.   Yes. This is what he was created to do and he will fulfill all that God has planned for him. He will be victorious and in the process, he will teach us to be victorious, too.


  1. Beautiful words! Yes, he will have a place in this world....sight or no sight!