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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best gift ever

If you are familiar with the 5 Love Languages then you know that one of them is gift giving.  Unfortunately for the Good Doctor, this isn't in his top 4.  To make matters worse, it's in my top 2.  But that's the way it goes.

I've learned to handle it by not setting my expectations too high.  That way I can ooh and aah and sound excited when I receive a dish pan or frying pan or even the annual pajamas and a candle.  From Wal-mart.  Purchased the day before.  But who's counting?

So imagine my surprise when the Good Doctor gave me the best gift ever -
 He was so excited he almost opened the card intended for me.

Auntie Katrina is coming from Utah to visit!  If you don't remember, Katrina is a great friend and was a huge part of our adoption journey.  After reading the news in a card from the Good Doctor, I was able to enjoy not one, not two, but three "I'm coming to PA" videos from Katrina.  Just think, she's giving up the slopes and her daycare toddlers to spend some time with us!

The Good Doctor did such a good job with this gift that I even voluntarily spoke his love language, even if for the briefest of moments.

I'm so excited to be picking her up from the airport today.  How fun it will be to reconnect after all those memorable moments together in Utah.  She has been such a special part of our journey.

I just hope she's as excited to spend a few days in a house full of ten as I am to have her visit.  She may need a long vacation after this vacation.

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  1. I'm so happy for you guys!! Katrina is such a sweet person. I hope you have a great visit!!