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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Call me blessed

I'm not a Proverbs 31 woman.  Mostly I try to ignore that passage. It causes too much guilt and discouragement. I've never brought food from afar nor have I provided food for my female servants. I've never bought a field or planted a vineyard.  My lamp always goes out at night and I've never held a distaff or a spindle.  I've never clothed my children in scarlet nor would they let me even if I tried. However, there is one item on the list that I find myself dreaming of on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.  It's verse 28: Her children arise and call her blessed.  I'm waiting for the day.

I'm waiting for the day that my children arise and call me blessed for making them eat healthy food. Right now it sounds more like complaining.  Or whining.

Someday my children will arise and call me blessed for homeschooling them.  Actually, one has thanked me for her few years of schooling at home and just recently another unexpectantly thanked me for teaching him about adverbs.  Baby steps.

I can't wait until my children arise and call me blessed for making them wear a coat when it's cold.  The other morning one child left the house in a huff because I made him put on a winter coat, on top of his short sleeve shirt.  Looking out the window, I saw him take a few steps into the wind and immediately pull the coat tighter around him and he even pulled his hood over his head.  It's kind of like arising and calling me blessed, isn't it?

I think that there will even come a day when they will arise and call me blessed for making them clean their rooms.  If opposites attract, then all of my children are going to marry neat freaks.  For the sake of marital bliss, I'm certain that they will one day thank me that they know how to keep things clean.  At the very least that they know how to placate a neat freak.

For now they just roll their eyes because I keep telling them that someday they will arise and call me blessed.

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  1. Just wanted to say I appreciated this post :) Well put...