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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Take your turn

I told the King boys that they were each going to have to change at least one messy diaper before Victor is potty trained.  Their wives will thank me someday.  I've heard of too many husbands who refuse to change diapers and I think that's sad.  If my boys refuse, it will be because of a character flaw and not due to lack of skill.  They can even watch their father who has set an example for them.  He does draw the line at cloth diapers, however, which is understandable, and very easy to switch baby from cloth to disposable if Daddy is going to be in charge.  And I probably turned him off back in the old days when cloth meant a rectangular white cloth that you folded just so and pinned with cute ducky pins and covered in rubber pants.  No, he wasn't into that.

Anyway, Isaac decided to take me up on my suggestion that it'd be best to fulfill this requirement before the little guy starts on solid foods.  One brother down, three more to complete the task.

And if you ask me, there's just something cute about this picture.  True servanthood, maybe?  Foot washing of another form?  Which would explain why Isaac was the first to complete the task; he has a servant's heart.  While some of us might need to work at being a servant, and even force ourselves at times, it comes naturally to Isaac.

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