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Saturday, August 3, 2013

New family pictures

A few days ago my Facebook status read, "Time for a new, complete family picture, I think. Problem #1: Getting 10 people in the same place at the same time. Problem #2: Deciding where to take it. Problem #3: Getting the oldest boys to go along with my idea. Problem #4: Coordinating the tripod and timer. However, to have everyone healthy and in the same house, these problems are minor inconveniences."

I got this great idea for photos from another adoptive family.  The t-shirts can be purchased here but they didn't have enough colors for our family so we decided to make our own.  It was probably cheaper that way, too.  And they never would have had a onesie or t-shirt small enough for Victor anyway.  You have to understand that I started this project before we officially said yes to Victor.  I figured that we were getting closer either way.  And then we had a short time frame in which to take the photos since Victor and I just arrived home not long ago, Mariana leaves tomorrow for a month of theatre camp, and Andrew leaves for college in a week. Add into that everyone's crazy schedule and we had one evening to get this done; it's a good thing the weather was cooperative.  Thanks, Jess, for being our photographer.

The hardest part was getting the older boys to agree to my cheezy t-shirt idea.  In the end they reluctantly agreed but for just one photo session.  Anyone want a cheezy t-shirt?  I have several in size M, worn only once.

They still need to be put through some photoshopping, but overall, it was easier than I thought to corral and set 10 people.  And most amazingly, Victor was awake for the whole thing.

Love this family!


  1. Yay! Thank you "older boys" for humoring your mom! Teenage boys are the worst about this stuff! :-/

  2. They look GREAT!!!! I love the tshirt idea!! Miss you all

  3. great pictures. I have not seen your family for so long, I hardly recognize the boys. Captions please. Last time I saw Isaac I think he was 4 or 5.