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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A productive walk

I took Andrew to his violin lesson tonight and found myself with 45 minutes of alone-time. What to do, what to do? Normally I would have taken a book with me but Andrew stole the next book on my list and the next book in line is still being read by its original owner and hasn't been loaned to me yet. I decided that a walk to and at the nearby park was in order.

On a side note, in just under one month he should be able to take himself to violin lessons. That is both frightening and necessary.

As I arrived at the park I looked up to see a beautiful rainbow. At first it was fairly pale and only half of it was visible. Soon it was joined with it's double, but both were still only halves of a rainbow. Not long after, the bottom rainbox had become much brighter and could be seen in its entirety. The phrase, "I have set my rainbow in the clouds," came to mind as I wove through the paths of the park. What power there is behind those words and the image of the rainbow.

With thoughts of power, and beauty, and promises in my head, I continued my walk. I saw a woman walking a dog and pushing a stroller. As our paths were about to cross, I noticed that the "stroller" was some sort of contraption that housed two guinea pigs in a little tent-like structure on top and a similar tent-like structure on bottom with its own guinea pig. Wow. That's one you don't see everyday. I never knew guinea pigs needed to be taken for walks. Maybe that's why Jesse's guinea pigs didn't live such long and productive lives; he never took them outside for walks.

I guess I could be grateful that she wasn't taking her pet tarantulas for a walk. What's next? Fish tank strollers? I can just picture it now: One of those jogging strollers with a large tank of water in the front, fish sloshing back and forth to the rhythm of the jogger. Or maybe a tag-along for the bike that has room not for two children but for two pet pigs, carefully buckled into the back.

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