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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm learning

I l have mellowed through the years. It may not be apparent to those who live with me because it has been so gradual and because there was so much room for improvement. But every now and then a situation arises where it is obvious even to the Good Doctor that change has taken place.

Case in point: Several years ago we took a meal and a gift bag to a new mother. Being an organized person, I had packed the gift bag several days prior and had left it in the living room so I would remember it on my way out the door. A few weeks later the new mother returned my dishes and a Duplo block she said she had found in the bag. She had rightfully assumed that the Duplo wasn't part of the gift. Even though I'm fairly certain it wasn't I but a young child in my house who placed that Duplo in the gift bag, I was horrified that someone might think me incompetent in gift giving. It bothered me for weeks.

Fast forward to this week: I had a gift bag to take to a 4 year old's birthday party. Wanting to include my younger children in the process, I packed the gifts in the bag and then asked my 5-year old to go into my room, look under my bed, and get some tissue paper to put into the bag. She followed my instructions (at least I thought she did), and later asked if she could be the one to take the bag to the party. I should have checked the bag first because when the birthday boy started to uncover his gifts, he pulled out not tissue PAPER from UNDER the bed, but sheet after sheet of tissueS from BESIDE the bed. Believe it or not I was able to laugh it off. But I think we'll be having a lesson on prepositions this week. And studying the difference between tissue paper and tissues.

And I have a feeling I'll be blowing my nose in tissue paper retrieved from under my bed for awhile but it's all good. See, I am learning. Even that would have sent me directly to the Funny Farm if it had happened just a few short years ago.

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