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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back by popular demand

I never thought I'd see those words in print, in reference to me. The King's Strings, maybe, which by defaul includes me. But ME? And believe it or not, it's all because of the presentation I did in February. Now I'm back on the speaker circuit for April. Go figure.

So, there you have it. Back by popular demand. That's exactly what the advertisement said. Really. Word-for-word.

Cindy King

Speaking on the topic of God's Great Story and how we are all called to play our role - individually, and as a family. And a few thoughts thrown in on how to help our chilren find their role in Gods Story.

If my high school English teacher could see me now. She'd want to know who I am and what I've done with Cindy Bauman.

I think it's all because of a friend who prayed with me one day in November and at that time gave me some words from God. She said that I was to "Do the unexpected" and "Be the unexpected." All of a sudden I start getting asked to speak at retreats and workshops.

I don't think I should have her pray for me anymore.

Or next you'll see me singing on stage.

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