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Thursday, November 18, 2010

36 days, 15 hours, 9 minutes

Christmas 2003 - Stepping Out in Faith...

We weren't feeling much like laughing this year. It had been a rough one. But on the other side of it we wanted to share our testimony of God's faithfulness. We made a family project of cutting out mini houses. The door opened to a picture of the children stepping out of our front door. Inside the house envelope was the annual letter. It was also to represent our change of address and move to Mechanicsburg.

Quotes from this year that still hold true today: "This move has been the best thing for John and me as individuals, for our marriage and for our family . . . He has a flamboyantly creative side that keeps us guessing (Jesse, of course) . . . Mariana is in kindergarten and is still our drama queen. She has something to say about every subject and answers questions even when she doesn't kow the answer . . . We were able to find Suzuki violin teachers in the area and the children's playing has just blossomed since coming here. We are now well on our way to a King Quartet . . .Taking such a huge step of faith this year has been a wonderful blessing to us!"

Some people let us know that they felt let down by this year's card; apparently it wasn't funny enough. That's okay. There was plenty of time to continue that tradition.

Christmas 2004 - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and all Through the House Not a Creature Was Stirring . . .

We're told some people read the front of the card and before turning the page said, "Yeah, right," which was exactly what they found written on the inside. After a short hiatus, this card announced another King Kid - Eden this time. Knowing we were running out of card ideas, this card ended with an appeal for future ideas. A few people answered the call and sent us their ideas.

Christmas 2005 - Once Upon a Time

A Suzuki concert requiring medieval wear provided us with costumes just begging to be worn again. This letter began, "Once upon a time in the village of Mechanicsburg, there lived a royal family."

Would you believe it also stated, "Andrew, the 10-year old knight, just capped off an excellent rookie season in soccer, scoring 18 goals...Andrew is still playing the violin and especially loves fiddling which is not something you typically hear in a castle...Jesse's favorite school subject is gym...The lovely damsel, Mariana, turned 7 this year...She is very dramatic and creative...(Isaac) loves animals and was thrilled to win a fish at our church's fall fest. The fish that Isaac named Fishfood died after only three days ad Isaac was devastated. Maybe he will find a new pet under the tree this Christmas (which he did indeed, more fish)...The royal King and Queen decided that Isaac should switch from violin to viola, thereby creating the official castle string quartet...And then there is Eden, the very sweet castle jester..."

Are you getting some ideas for yourself? Tune in tomorrow for the final installment in our trip down Christmas Memory Lane...

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