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Friday, November 19, 2010

35 days, 13 hours, 15 minutes

Christmas 2006 - Feliz Navidad

Recently returned from a family mission trip to Mexico, we didn't get too creative with the picture. The card, however, started out with, "Greetings from the King Kids! We decided we were tired of Mom's cutesy Chrismtas greetings so we staged a revolt. No more dressing us up like angels and shepherds, we said! No more putting us in stockings or large packages. No more posing in wise men costumes from India or outfits that read 'Fa La La La La' when seated in order. We're done! This year, we're in charge. So, we got our heads together and after hours of deliberation, disagreements, and delegations, we decided to send you a picture to represent our recent trip to Mexico."

And there you have it; a Christmas card written by the kids. That wasn't really. But people thought it was. Fun, fun!

Christmas 2007 - H O P E

It seemed like a good idea to create the letters in the word "hope" to celebrate the up-coming adoption and to share our hope in the future. We didn't, however, count on Eden have a complete meltdown. Oh well. You do the best you can.

Christmas 2008

Just your run-of-the-mill Christmas collage photo with a Year-in-Review Quiz

"How much do you know about the King family happenings of 2008? Put on your thinking cap, grab a mug of hot chocolate, turn on your favorite Christmas CD, wrap yourself in your warmest blankets and read on . . .

Questions included:

What exciting thing happened to the King family in April?
a. We went surfing in the Pacific
b. We went on a cruise to the Arctic
c. We were on Funniest Home Videos
d. We adopted HopeAnne

Jesse went on vacation in June. Where did he go and with whom?
a. Audio Adrenaline concert with Grandma Mary Ann
b. The Amazon with MomMom Bauman
c. Hang gliding in Colorado with Cindy
d. New Mexico with PopPop

Which family pet escaped this year and where was it found?
a. Isaac's fish, found in his bed
b. Jesse's guinea pig, found in the fridge's veggie bin
c. The family's dog, Linus, found sharing a bowl of spaghetti with a female cocker spaniel
d. Andrew's snake, found in a desk drawer

What does John teach at Messiah College?
a. Botany
b. Household Organizational Micromanagement
c. African Ballet Belly Dancing
d. Psychology

And just in case you didn't know the answers, we kindly supplied them for you:

After being a foster child in our home since June 2006, Hope officially became a member of the King family. The adoption hearing was made even more special with over 40 friends in attendance, a Christian judge who allowed us to pray in court and a butterfly release along the Susquehanna River.

Jesse went to Vermejo Ranch in New Mexico to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, fishing and hanging out with PopPop. Two food firsts for Jesse were lamb and eating his own freshly caught fish.

Yes, we DO have a corn snake and yes she DID escape for the first time after 7 years of contented living in her fish tank and yes it was CINDY who found her in a desk drawer and yes the snake DOES now have an escape-proof cage handmade by PopPop

Although there have been rumors of John teaching dance classes at Messiah, it is the psychology department where he can be found as an adjunct professor. Actually, all family members but Cindy have made appearances in his class to demonstrate different points. If he took Cindy into class he wouldn't be able to use her as an example for so many of his topics.

Christmas 2009

Another plain old family portrait (can you tell that the children have officially revolted against my ideas?) accompanied by a list of the King family favorite TV shows and movies from 2009, including:

MASH - 2009's remake of this oldie-but-goodie was in a completely new battlefield: High School. Andrew took the giant leap from middle school to Mechanicsburg Area Senior High. He remains a great student but more importantly his character remains steadfast...

What Not to Wear - Jesse took a break from his regularly scheduled program to participate in an episode of What Not to Wear. He was nominated by Andrew who is daily embarrassed by Jesse's creative wardrobe...

The King and I, Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera - A favorite with many , this show featured the King kids in various theatrical roles...

School Musical 7 - After watching John complete elementary school, junior high school, high school, college, and 2 master's degrees, viewers are now able to watch this reality series where John is working on his doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision...Since so much time is being invested in this endeavor, we certainly wish the King family well and hope that John does not get voted off until his 4 years have been completed. Along with Cindy we also hope that there is never a School Musical 8.

John and Cindy Pulus Six and Counting - This show follows the Kings as they pursue foster care and possible future adoptions. Unfortunately, for some strange reason the state of Pennsylvania believes that 6 children is a large amount and has done its best to limit the numer of foster children in a home...

So now you see my dilemma: How to keep the masses happy while being considerate of my family's right to say no. How many days are left til this year's cards need to be in the mail?

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