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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

First, my apologies. I have been told by my friend, Kym, that I have been doing this whole blog thing all wrong. She should know. She's an expert in such matters. She herself has her own blog. A much more intellectual blog than I will ever write. But anyway, she informed me that all good bloggers know that Wednesdays are known as Wordless Wednesdays. Apparently I am supposed to just give you a picture on Wednesdays; no words. I should be able to find a picture that speaks for itself; something that needs no words. This should be interesting enough to catch and keep your attention but I am not allowed to add any words. This could be difficult. Or maybe not. Who knows? I guess time will tell.

So now the difficulty is finding the picture to use. I have been having a little trouble with this one. I just need to find a picture that speaks for itself. One that doesn't need any explanation. Or added thoughts.

I think that I could get into this wordless thing. It could save me a lot of time. Yeah, all the time it normally takes me to think of a subject, write it out, edit it, etc. I could spend that time eating bon-bons and catching up on my soaps. Yes, I think this is a pretty good thing.

So you'll have to let me know what you think about this wordless business. I think I'm liking it. I don't have to write as much this way. That will definitely be nice.

Oh, and one more thing: Welcome to the world, Julia Rayanne! It was nice visiting you today. And holding you. I got my baby fix for a while. You are definitely a beautiful baby.

That's it. No more words. I'm not talking anymore. Because it's Wordless Wednesday. I know. Kym told me. Til tomorrow, then. That's all for now.

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