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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twoo Wuv

My children love me. I know they do. They have lovingly expressed their devotion to me through the years, in so many different ways.

When Andrew was 2 1/2 he told me that I looked like a rooster. After I explained that we usually only say that to people when their hair is sticking up, he changed his mind and affectionately told me that I look like a cow. His compliments have brightened my days ever since.

A few months later he showed even more love when he started singing that oldie but goodie Christmas song, "Children go Where I Send Thee," but substituted his mom-honoring version: "Children Go Where I Cindy."

But his best compliment came at 3 1/2 when he said, "Mommy, you make good pie." It may not seem like much but since it was followed with, "And Daddy makes good grapes," I knew he saw my effort and I was loved.

Jesse, even as a young 2 year old, could see that I was a little challenged in the interior decorating department. No problem. On more than one occasion he took it upon himself to repaint various furniture items and walls. Carefully placed handprints was a common theme.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? At 3 1/2 Jesse told me that he was going to grow up to be a mommy just like me. Hmmm, I guess that's flattery. A year and a half later he was planning to marry me when he grew up.

When Mariana was 4 she brought me to Biblical status. We were reviewing the Moses story in our family devotions. I asked someone to name Moses' mother and Mariana very proudly answered, "Cindy!" Okay, it sounded more like Cinny. But I knew what she meant. She meant that I was as wise as Jochebed and could have come up with a plan as great as floating a child on water, if need be.

By the time she was 6, though, I must have dropped a few notches in her way of thinking because her evening prayer included, "And please help Mommy not to sin." May not look like love but at least she was concerned enough to take me to the One who changes mommies when they need it.

At age 8 she had things a little more in perspective when she told me that she likes "plain people just like you." She knows who I am yet she still loves me.

Isaac, like his father, has always been loving and affectionate. Even at the age of 1 he always wanted to be near me and if we weren't in the same room I could count on hearing, "Mom, are you?" within a few seconds. At the same time, as I was teaching him to spell his name, I named the letter as I wrote it, "I," and he quickly responded with, "love you."

At 1 1/2, when the rest of the children were complaining about the food set before them, Isaac was the only one to pronounce my food, "deyicious."

Eden says she likes how I talk to the dog. I told you she was the next teacher in the family. Teachers are so good at finding the small things to praise. It's baby steps, right? At least she didn't say she likes how I talk to myself.

Hope loves me so much she couldn't bear to see me leave for the Funny Farm shoeless yesterday. As I walked out the door she was shouting, "Mom, not without your shoes!" Now that's true love.

Moments to cherish. True love. Yes.

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