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Monday, March 13, 2017

Olympics, Opry, and horse poop

June 29, 1994. It was our anniversary. It was also the day we saw one line turn into two.

The Good Doctor's mom and grandmother were visiting from Ohio and in the next room but we didn't tell them. This was our little secret.

A few weeks later we were in a van, taking a group of teens on a mission trip to Chicago. We tried to keep our secret. But you know teens, "Why doesn't she [me] have to paint, too?" It's all about being fair, you know. And if the youth pastor's wife ain't paintin', then they ain't paintin'. And maybe my weird cravings were just a bit, well, too weird. So we had to tell them. We swore them to secrecy. But you know teen girls...

The secret was out. 42 long weeks later, he was here. Andrew John King.

Who would have guessed that 22 years later we'd be celebrating with a son who has been to the Olympics,

filmed at the Grand Ole Opry,
and sets up photo ops of  horse poop?
(And is equally proud of all of these accomplishments.)

Love you, Andrew! Happy birthday! Thanks for the last-minute decision to come home despite the chaos, broken down car, and forecasted blizzard. Here's to a safe trip back.

P.S. Your gift should be waiting for you when you get back to Kentucky.

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