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Sunday, August 28, 2016

3 little birdies have left the nest

The text came at 12:11 AM. I saw it when Mr. Victor woke me up at 4:30:

"I'm safe."

Good to know.

Since she is now exactly where she wants to be and obviously already doing what she wants to do - just get out there and socialize, apparently. And why not start on your first night alone in the City That Never Sleeps? Got a friend at another college in the city? Sure, just meet up for ice cream. (Personally, I'd go for the ice cream, but not the whole city thing. But that's me.)

They do things a little differently there at Marymount but it's a well-oiled machine.

Start 2 blocks back, get in line, put your flashers on, and wait until you are in position for unloading your stuff. Resident advisors cart it all up to your floor (the 18th, to be exact - at least it wasn't the 32nd!) and you just follow along.

Finally - we're next in line
Good thing her father's not here. Or the two siblings who share his fear of heights.
But this is Mariana's room with a view for the next 9 months.
Five females sharing one bathroom. 
This should be fun.
Not a whole lot you can do when your roommate's last name
starts with a letter so far down in the alphabet
that she can't move in til tomorrow afternoon.
And so our work was done and it was time for 
PopPop and Mom to head on out.
And so did she.

Just in the opposite direction.

Carry the light, dear Mariana, carry the light!

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