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Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Victor-isms

More Victor-isms from the past two months in which you can see his transition from Johnny Cash to the Beatles.

Me: Victor, your new OT named Ms. Sue is coming today.
Victor: Yes, A Boy Named Sue is coming today.
I was awakened for the second time that night, this time at 4:30AM. I went into his room expecting to retrieve a paci, turn on the music, give him covers, any of the usual requests. But no, this time he said to me, "I had a bad day."

And you waited until now to tell me this?
It was time to get rid of the pacifier. We spent the whole day talking about no more pacifiers and how we were going to give them to a baby who needed them because Big Boy Victor did not need them anymore. It took him a while to fall asleep the first night but he didn't cry or scream, just needed extra time to settle.

The next morning he said to me, "We gave my pacis to a baby. Tonight we will give the pacis to VICTOR!"
Shoun, can you kiss my snot?
While playing his "drums" (a glockenspiel and two up-turned plastic bins), Victor asked, "Can I be youd (loud) like Jesse?" I gave him permission and he promptly whacked the first plastic bin so hard that he cracked it but the show went on with Victor telling me, "It's Beatles time," singing Yellow Submarine alone with his whacking.
Victor: Mommy, can I apologize?
Me: Sure (wondering what he did this time).
Victor: What do I need to apologize for?
Me: I have no idea.
The day after a trip to the ER:
Victor: Where is my motorcycle?
Me: What motorcycle?
Victor: At the ER I eat a motorcycle.

Later, I inquired of the doctor, what could he possibly be talking about?
The Good Doctor: A popsicle. They gave him a popsicle.

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