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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

*Hacked* Why My Parents are my Heroes

Hello Dear Blog world,

My name is Mariana and I happen to be the 3rd child sprouting up in this Funny Farm. I felt inspired to hack into my mom's blog and express something that has been building up inside for awhile now.

Due to the fact that my mother doesn't know I am posting this, there may be serious spelling/grammatical errors that won't be corrected.

Why My Parents Are My Heroes:

My parents laid down their sign and got their hands dirty.

I recall a not-so-long-ago time when my mom and dad decided to venture into the unknown world of serious premature care for a baby born at 25 weeks gestation (a fetus some might say). They decided to take a leap of faith and pursue the crazy decision to love this child, even if it meant sacrificing so much, as my mom left for 11 weeks to live with him in Utah.

That was crazy.

I remember when my brother came to live with us after experiencing one of the hardest situations a child can endure (losing his biological mother). My parents knew that taking an "older child" was going to be hard. They knew perfectly well that it was not going to be easy but they chose to take a leap of faith and love my brother and give him the same opportunities that every child deserves.

That was also crazy.

I barely remember when my youngest sister came into our family. I was 8 or 9 I believe... but I remember my dad holding her. Having this girl come into a family where she had the opportunity to have a loving father who would ask:
 "*insert sister's name* Why are you special?"
and then her three year old reply would be:
 "Because I'm adopted!"

Adoption and orphan care has dramatically changed my family.

As my parents, even now, continue the fight to help protect and be the voice for those who don't have one, I am just amazed by how crazy they are. But dear Church, dear people, dear Americans, why aren't we all crazy?

In light of the media craze over abortion, and these horrifying videos of babies in a mess in a petri dish, so many people (including myself) have found it easy to speak out against it! Of course that seems the best thing to do... but you know what amazes me?

My parents...

Through all of this they aren't speaking out in words, they are speaking out in actions.

They are fighting!

No one can say that all "Pro-Life"ers don't care about the mother and the baby. My Parents have done the crazy thing and supported these mothers, they have loved them, they have thanked them, they have financially supported them, and prayed for them. They keep fighting. Even Today.

My parents are my Heroes.

Actions speak louder than words and they are SO LOUD.

I encourage anyone who wants to speak out about anything they consider an injustice to follow in my parents' example. They teach us (as kids) to help the oppressed and are leading by example.

My parents are my Heroes.

Please pray for our family as we continue to fight together for the care of orphans.

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