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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If you give a boy a spoon

If you give a boy a spoon, and make a big deal out of teaching him to sccooooooooop so that he can self-feed, then you could have one of a number of results...

You could find yogurt on the ceiling in a bubble gum looking blob which said child has thrown in a fit of you-can't-make-me-eat-that-with-a-spoon rage.

You could watch said child bang his head repeatedly against the back of his high chair in another variation of the you-can't-make-me-eat-that-with-a-spoon rage.

You could get weary of the outbursts and just pick up that spoon yourself, announce "sccoooooooooooop" loudly to whoever will listen (likely not the child who is supposed to be feeding himself) and just stick the spoon in his mouth yourself.


It could be a really good day and you could watch said child as he moves in close to observe the dog eating breakfast, then go over to the kitchen utensils drawer (one of said child's favorite "toy boxes"), pull out a big serving spoon, return to the dog's dish and loudly announce "sccoooooooooop" as he very happily does just that with the dog's food.


It could be a very interesting day and while said child was helping with the dishes, he might just pick up the bottle brush and "sccooooooooooooop" the water.

Ya just never know.

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  1. I wise woman once told me that each child is unique and you have to do what works for that child. :) Just last night I FINALLY found what punishment works for my 3 yr old...who know taking her teddy bear would make her upset and sorry she missed behaved every time she walked into my bedroom where said bear was being kept. :)