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Monday, November 17, 2014

What can Victor see?

What can Victor see?

Let me give you some of our observations.

If you turn the lights out and darken the room, then place lighted objects or toys (such as a flashlight or flashing ball) on the floor, Victor will reach right for them.

When his therapist brings the light box and leaves it here for a time, Victor is obsessed with it. He will go in his room and say "on" until someone turns it on for him. If you then turn it off, he will immediately request that it be turned back on. If you place large items on the light box, he will reach right for them.

Sometimes, just for fun, I will quietly approach him while he is concentrating on a favorite toy. I will place my face about an arm's length from his face. If I am on his left side, he will soon turn his head my direction, smile, then reach out and grab my face. I had to stop doing this because I was afraid he'd gouge my eyes out or scratch up my nose.

It could be argued that he heard us place the objects on the floor before he reached for them. It could be argued that he hears us turn the light box off so asks us to turn it on. It could be argued that he senses my presence next to him.

So what can Victor see? We don't know but we have our guesses. Someday he will be able to tell us what Victor can see.

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