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Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas elves

We've been supplying Allenberry Playhouse with elfkins for quite a few years now. 6 of the 8 King kids have now been on stage there, many of them playing Santa's helpers at one time or other. It seems as if everyone gets their turn to be the cute factor on stage.

Christmas 2007 was our first Allenberry Christmas show and probably my favorite year. There were no elves involved but nothing beats your 6 year old saying, "And God bless us, everyone!"

The following year Jesse was a human brat-turned-obedient child. And I have no idea what happened to the pictures from this year. This was all I could find.

In 2009, Isaac was the lone King representative on the Allenberry stage while Mariana was off performing with Matt Davenport Productions at Hershey Park and Jesse decided he was too old. That year Isaac got to be elf, human, and Santa, all within an hour and 15 minutes.
In 2010, Mariana was once again hired by Matt Davenport and spent her evenings at Hershey Park. Eden decided to give acting a try and Isaac was back for another year. This was the year the elfkins grew pointy ears.
And this is my absolute favorite picture of Eden from this show.
If you saw Mistletoe Magic in 2011, you finally got to see 3 King kids on stage again. This time we had 2 elfkins and 1 human. I just loved Mariana in this starring role with her own solo and backup singers.
Eden had a starring role in 2012 and even got to be human that year. Isaac decided to take the year off. The outfit made it's second appearance on a King kid in a Christmas show.

2013 was the year of the cast; the broken bone variety. Isaac told audience members that he accidentally hit it with a hammer in Santa's workshop. In reality it was a boring old soccer injury.

Which brings us to 2014 and HopeAnne's first time as elf. After appearing in Annie during the summer of 2013, she wasn't sure she wanted to be on the stage for the Christmas show last year. This year she was ready.

Looks like we'll have to add a few more kids so Allenberry has plenty of elfkins lined up for the future.

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