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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A great story

Victor had his yearly evaluation with Early Intervention services yesterday. While still lagging behind in many areas (you can't copy a facial expression if you can't see it and you're less likely to use a pincer grip if you can't see the tiny object you're trying to pick up), we discussed how amazingly well he is doing.

Earlier that morning, perhaps subconsciously pondering the up-coming evaluation, I was thinking to myself about how far he's come. When we were still in the NICU, so many people told me success stories of their children, or nieces, or grandsons, or children of friends, anyone who started life as a peanut, often ending with, "You'd never even know that he (or she) started out less than 2 pounds." And while we were afraid to be too hopeful, there was always the thought that this could be our story, too.

But it was not to be. This isn't the story that I would have chosen for Victor or for his older siblings, or for myself, but it is the story that God was writing long before I was even born.  Recently, a friend and I were praying together, asking God to show me truths, and one of the first ones that came to me was, "I was writing you into my story all along."

There is a plan here and it is good. The story may have struggle, it may have plot twists and turns, the characters may have flaws, but isn't that what makes a great story?

And of course those cheeks are just perfect, aren't they?

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