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Friday, September 5, 2014

3 new quilts

It's been a bit busy (duh) but I did manage a few clean-out-the-sewing closet projects this summer.

I'm a sucker for adoption fundraisers. Have you seen John's T-shirt collection? It's a little heavy on  orphan themes. But all for a good cause! So when I heard of a friend (umm, actually, I used to babysit her) who received word that her adopted son's birthmother was expecting again and wanted them to parent, I knew I wanted to help out. A baby quilt and pillow for their fundraising night was what appeared from the sewing pile.

The caregiver for a visually impaired youngster came across my blog and read about Victor's Quilt of Many Textures. She asked if I would make another. Absolutely! So to all of you who donated fabrics, know that your gift continues to give to those who need it most.
This one was so fun!  I wanted to make a baby gift for the expected son of a wonderful friend who loves both drums and dinosaurs. I tried to figure out how to incorporate the two into a baby quilt but in the end decided to stick with dinosaurs since I wasn't talented enough to create dinosaurs playing drums. I had the whole thing together and was working on the binding but had put it aside for a few days. Then one morning I woke up to find that our friend had posted #hatchingdinosaurs on his Facebook page. The first comments showed that not everyone was awake enough to catch the real meaning of this, but I was pretty sure I knew. I got right to work, praying for Mom, Dad, and Baby as I did so. What a blessing it was to have a tangible reminder to pray with each stitch up and down. Poor Dad ended up in the hospital just a day after his wife and son were discharged but all are home now and while Baby is still in that grub stage, just being cute, all is going well.

Ahhhhh. This is my self-care.

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