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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marriage at this age

About a month ago I received an email from a friend and in it she included this observation, "It is sure unsettling to realize we're at the age where friends' marriages are feeling shaky and separation/divorce is mentioned."

I've been thinking about what she said. After I got over the fact that I was, indeed, of an age to be "at the age," I realized that she's right. There's no judgement, there's no guilt, there are no easy fixes or answers, but it is a reality. Marriage is difficult. We all have our junk and our faults. We have our issues and blind spots. There is pain in commitment; there is pain in leaving.

All this thinking reminded me of a blog post I read several years ago entitled, "Absent Spouse Syndrome." Knowing that every situation is different and there are many struggles between people, yet also knowing that this is happening around me, I have asked permission to share these insights by linking to Debby Bentch's blog here. She answered with an emphatic, "Absolutely!" Thank you, Debby!

Please, if you are married, know someone who is, or are in a position where you counsel those who are, you must read this blog. Someone you know may resonate with these words. Maybe that someone is you.

Absent Spouse Syndrome by Debby Bentch on her blog, The Pavilion.

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