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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crime scene investigation

Andrew and I are great partners in crime.

Well, actually, we investigate the crimes so I guess that makes us perfect partners in crime busting.

Take today, for example. I found this drawn on the rug in the little girls' room.

Upon further investigation, I found a second drawing, faint, but similar in nature to the first.

As a lover of CSI, Law and Order and (*sigh*) my favorite, but canceled, Cold Case, I know that criminals often leave a signature. I shared this information with my partner and told him that I was certain the suspect lived in that room. He reminded me that it is mostly psychopathic criminals that leave their signature at the crime scene. Yes, I repeated, I am fairly certain that the guilty party lives in that very room.

I calmly asked both parties who was responsible for the drawing but each pled her innocence. My partner suggested we try the good cop/bad cop interrogation procedure. I asked him which he was going to be. He said it was my duty to be the bad cop.

I sure hope it works!

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