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Monday, August 27, 2012

First day fun

Freshman orientation was last week. Mariana's English teacher made an attempt to get to know her students and asked them to share something about themselves. Figuring it just best to get it over with, Mariana introduced herself and added, "You might have had my brothers, Andrew and Jesse?"

The teacher responded with, "Do you like bacon?"


"Because everything Jesse wrote in English class last year was about bacon. And if it wasn't about bacon it was about dodgeball."

"Um, yeah. That's Jesse. Uh, I like bacon. But not that much."

And thus begins my year with three children in high school.

The boys have been really good about it. They've promised to look out for Mariana. They are protecting her from all the guys and are already sharpening their swords in case anyone plans to ask her to homecoming. Andrew has been acting especially helpful as he clues her in to what's cool and what's not.

We thought this was very big-hearted until we realized that he was just keep her from embarrassing him. So we hatched a plan to see just how far she could go before his kindness turned into rage. Mariana picked out the most outrageous first day of school outfit and just before it was time to go, she came down the steps dressed like this:

He handled it very well. He just shook his head, told her to hurry up and get dressed for real, walked out the door, and sat in his car honking the horn til she showed up in an outfit he could claim as his sister.

And then we got her back after school when we all showed up at the bus stop, waving wildly, to walk her home. Her expression was priceless. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera.

179 days left, everyone!

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