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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Victor-isms never end

Victor: Mom, I'm getting thirsty and thirsty and thirsty.
Me: So, what are you trying to say?
Victor: Give me some thirsty water.

Medical evaluations by Victor:

Victor: Mom, can you get me some medicine?
Me: Why do you need medicine?
Victor: For my speaking. My speaking is not working and it sounds funny.
After a coughing fit, I asked Victor if he had something stuck in his throat and he answered, "It's not a frog."
"I can't breathe through my breath."
"Mom, most of all, my butt feels cracky again."
And now he diagnoses electronics....

Victor was recently introduced to the wonders of a record player. One morning I was awakened at 2:30 so he could tell me that the needle on his CD player was broken.

The CD was skipping; I'll give him that much.
The Christmas story according to Victor:

Victor: Christmas is about Jesse and his birthday.
Me:  Close. We celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday. What was his mommy's name?
Victor: Mary.
Me: Right! What was his daddy's name?
Victor: Elisha.
Me: Close. It was Joseph.
Victor: And...And Mary had a little lamb. Well, I have another clue and the angel said that you're going to have a baby. Mary and Joseph were afraid. Do you know why they were afraid?
Me: Why are they afraid?
Victor: Because they heard a jackhammer.

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