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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting and circling

One of the readings in Draw the Circle focused on the Israelites circling Jericho.  Previous to this reading, I had never considered this act of faith to be a type of prayer.  I felt a nudge to "circle" but circle what?  Assuming that my house and our new addition were our Jericho, my first impulse was to get out and start walking around the house.

I pictured that from the neighbors' point of view and decided that it probably wasn't the best choice.

So I settled upon circling the block.  Every day, regardless of the weather.  I didn't take into account that there might be a day of so much taxiing that circling would be impossible.  Oops.  But other than that one day I've been out there without fail, giving the neighbors something to talk about.  It's not legalistic; it's simply obedience to a nudge.  It's not assuming that God is going to give me what I want, when I want it, just because I'm doing what He's asked; it's resting in Him, learning as we go.

And funny, but what at first sounded like drudgery, has become an act that I look forward to.  I pray circles as I circle.  I pray for each of my children and for the Good Doctor.  I pray for any future children.  If there is a match waiting for our decision, I pray for that.  If our profile is being shown to an expectant or birth mom, I pray for her.  I ask God to give her peace in her decision.  I ask that her baby would be placed in a home where he or she will be safe, loved, and able to grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.

And as we wait and wait and wait, I circle, and circle, and circle.  I pray and pray and pray.  I'm growing and the kids are growing.  And somewhere, there's a child that's growing, either still unborn, or under the watchful eye of a mother or foster mother.  And someday the wait will be over and we'll get to grow together.

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