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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eden's Christmas birthday

This is it.  The last weekend before Christmas.  For the past six Christmases, we have had one or more children in the Christmas show at a regional theater just 20 minutes away (15 if John drives).  Coupling that with King's Strings concerts, we have very busy Christmas seasons.  So busy, that I am seriously considering changing our family's Christmas traditions and celebrations so that we prepare for Christmas during the month of January, when things are much quieter, and then culminate in a celebration Jan. 25th.  But for this year, we are in the home stretch.  This year it is only Eden in the Christmas show and this is the last weekend.  Two more shows to go.

So I think I will take this opportunity to acknowledge Eden's October birthday (guess it's been busy since October around here).  I will then have caught up with the birthday acknowledgements for 2012.  Whew!

Eden has done so well in this year's show.  When I first heard which role they were giving to her, and then heard that she'd be the only child in the matinees, I was a little concerned.  But, I told myself, it wasn't my problem.  However, it appears that all those years of watching her sister and the wonderful actors at this theater, and all of the other shows we attend, must have paid off.  I'm told, by those with eyes trained much more than mine, that her artistic choices have been excellent and that she has done amazingly well.  I would definitely agree.  But I'm her mom.  Of course I love to watch her.

So, happy belated birthday, Eden.  And Merry Christmas.  And who the fa-la-la-la-la do you think you are, anyway?  (Inside joke, flashback to last year's Christmas show)  Love you!

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