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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The priorities of being 12

Moving right along in my attempt to acknowledge our October birthdays, before November turns into December...

Shoun turned 12 on the 9th of October.  A monumental day for him as he can now vie for "shot gun" when traveling.  Having four shot gunners in the family has also prompted me to make a new family rule.  I no longer want to hear, "I call shot gun," while watching 4 children run to the van.  If I do, you will lose your position.  It just sounds so selfish.  Instead, I'd love to hear someone say, "I nominate ________ for position of shot gun on this trip."  Ahh, music to a mother's ears.

So, yes, we have another shot gunner in the family.  I believe it means more to him than to me.  And there's also Isaac waiting in line for his January birthday to gain his rights as well.

It was a month of so late but Shoun also celebrated age 12 by earning the coach's Most Improved Player award at the soccer award ceremony.  It was a well-deserved award as he has not only worked hard in this, his second season in organized soccer, but he has also become the most improved in the area of muscle tone as well.  I believe he has Jesse to thank for that.  All those orders for push ups have paid off.

So, what other awards would Shoun be winning?

Along with the Most Improved Soccer Player he will also win Most Likely to Bite His Tongue Off (a tongue thinker's habits die hard)

Most Improved Smiler Award  (Sure is good to see!)

Most Likely to Eat Anything (Except Tomatoes) Award

The Good Sport Award (In fact, I think he asks for Jesse to pick on him just so he can prove his status in this area)

Most Likely to Smell Like Deodorant (While believing that the more deodorant you wear, the fewer showers you need to take)

Most Improved in Manners

Fastest Suzuki Viola Learner (for someone who's only been playing 1 1/2 years, he's goooooood!)

Most Likely to Try to Get Out of Work

Most Likely to Call, "I Call Shot Gun," and Most Likely to be Given Shot Gun Privileges By Others

Valuable Team Player

Here's hoping that the rest of Year 12 is a great one and that riding shot gun will be all that you dreamed it would be.

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