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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Goin' huntin'

Sometimes I'm not sure why I even try to create special memories for the troops.

This month has us doing a lot of traveling to and from King's Strings concerts and family gatherings to eastern PA and Ohio. Knowing that we'll be spending so much time in the van, I decided to come up with a game to play. A Christmas Decoration Bingo Hunt sounded like a great idea to me.

I spent a few days making my list of items to scavenge - a white Christmas tree, the Grinch, an inflatable without air, etc. Yesterday afternoon I generated my Bingo cards, slipped them into see-through plastic protectors, and included one crayon per game. I also bought flashlights (I'm not sure why a new flashlight always seems like such a novelty) so the kids could see their game cards in the dark.

I could feel the anticipation all day, knowing that I was going to unveil my new idea during the evening's ride. We had a few important concert details to work out on the way to the Martinez' 50th wedding anniversary party (Congragulations, folks!) so the launch of the fun and games had to wait.

Finally, we were in the van and ready to depart. I turned around in my seat, grabbed the on-board microphone, and addressed the travelers. They were transfixed by my fantabulous idea. Greedy hands reached for my game boards and we were off!

Mom, my card says I need to find a camel. Could we stop at a Sheetz? I think they have Camels in there?

Very funny, Andrew, and no. Every item must be found in someone's yard.

Mom, why does my card say I need to find an outdoor tree with lights? Why can't it just say "Tree with Lights"? I think that outdoor is implied.

I wrote it that way because I know my children. If I had just written "Tree with Lights," you'd look for a tree in someone's window and argue that you should be able to count it.

Mom, I have "Santa" on my card but Santa's not real. Can I cross it off if I see a fake one? (Funny thing is, Eden was dead serious while the others were just trying to make fun of my attempt at family bonding and entertainment)

Did you read my blog? Never mind. Yes, you can cross it off if you see a fake Santa.

Mom, I have to find an angel? Where am I going to find an angel? Wait, are you an angel?

I'm not even going to answer that question other than to say that you are now on the Naughty List. And you can't win this game even if you do get Bingo.

I think you're an angel, Mom. My card says I need to find a Grinch. He's not real, either. Can I find a fake one, too?

I can't hear you.

We really need walkie-talkies in this van or something. I can't hear you.

Maybe it's better that way.


Never mind.

Mom, your eyes twinkle. Can I count them for twinkling lights?

You're getting coal for Christmas.

But I'm serious. You're an angel with twinkling eyes.

Before disembarking from the vehicle, please pass your game cards, crayons, and flashlights forward. They will be donated to a family who can appreciate them.

But, Mom, we really liked this game.....

Talk to the hand, People. I'm not buying it.

Anyone want a free Christmas Decoration Bingo Hunt?

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