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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yearbook time again

It's the time of year for yearbooks. They mean so much to you when you get them. Maybe you look at them for a year or two. Four, if you're really into that thing called high school. Then they sit on a shelf somewhere in the home in which you grew up. Until your mother passes them along because she's redoing your old bedroom. Then they sit on a shelf somewhere in your house. Until your children pull them out and look at them. Presumably because it's the time of year for yearbooks.

So imagine my surprise when my daughter finds my picture in my senior yearbook with this caption: "Brad Moyer and Cindy Bauman do the hand motions to the song, "Bananas for the Lord." (My apologies to Brad Moyer for bringing him into this.)

I have no recollection of this moment in time. But it doesn't take a doctoral candidate in psychology to figure out that there's probably a good reason I blocked this from memory.

This statement begs so many questions.

What would have possessed me to get on the high school stage to do the motions to this song, or for any reason other than orchestra?

What is this song? Thanks to youtube we did find a song possibly fitting this description - being sung by preschoolers. Which leads me to the next question:

Why this song in high school?

How did Brad and I get suckered into doing this? I may have been at the bottom of the high school ladder and therefore easy prey but Brad was right there at the top of his grade, later becoming a doctor and all. He was my neighbor and drove me to school but I can't think of any other reason why the two of us might have been elected to do this strange thing.

Why am I singing? In public? (In a school that valued/values singing ability right up there with athletics -Mennonite, remember - how on earth did I, a non-touring choir member get this job? Brad, at least, could sing.)

When was this performed? Chapel? If so, what theological point were we making? If not chapel, then what?

Why did this get chosen for the yearbook? Did nothing else exciting happen that year?

I have since become allergic to bananas. Could it have been some sort of prophetic word?

So many questions and no answers. I guess I'll have to add it to my list of questions to ask God someday. Bananas, really?

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