Welcome to the KingZoo and Funny Farm, where we learn to live, laugh, and love together. Here you'll find snippets of life in our zoo, parenting tips we've learned along the way, reflections on shining God's light in this world, passions in the realm of orphan care and our journey as parents of a visually impaired child. Have fun!

The Whole Zoo

John (AKA The Good Doctor) is a pastor. He's also an adjunct professor in the psychology department at a local college. In 2013 he finally graduated with his doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University.

Andrew (21) was forced to be our guinea pig by virtue of birth order. He is enjoying life as a junior  at Asbury University, majoring in media communications. He has also served as RA for two years.
Jesse (19) is next. He was born to be the family comedian. Jesse is a freshman at Eastern University, majoring in middle education with an emphasis in science and math.
Mariana (17) was born with her mouth wide open and she hasn't shut it since. And that's a good thing. She was born to sing, dance and act and has been privileged to do all three in community and regional theatre. She loves to use her gifts to shine her light in dark and lonely places. She is headed to Marymount Manhattan in the fall to major in musical theater.

Shoun (15) is finding his place in our family. He is a freshman in high school and has enjoyed both the swim and track teams this year.

Isaac (15) is NOT Shoun's twin although the two do a lot together. He has his father's disposition which means that he is very easy-going and loves to love people. He's a musician through and through. As a freshman in high school he played in both county and district orchestra. He plays viola in the Messiah College Orchestra and plans to major in music in the future.

Eden (11) shares many of my traits. We think she will be another teacher in this family. She loves to do crafts and if you follow the trail of yarn, paper scraps, and glue, you'll find her creating something. She also loves to write and writes often on the kids' blog: fromourkingzoo@blogspot.com.

HopeAnne (9) is our bundle of energy.  She is very strong and very flexible.  She loves dancing and gymnastics.  Her greatest love is running.

And then there is Victor Noah, born April 13, 2013 and officially adopted Nov. 4 of that year.  He is adored and loved by all of his siblings. His story took up a lot of space on this blog, starting April 25, 2013. Victor was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Spectrum when he was 5 months old. This condition can effect the optic nerves, pituitary, and brain. Victor is visually impaired with sensory and behavioral issues. So far he has not had pituitary issues in need of daily injections but he sees an endocrinologist regularly to keep on top of it. He is very active and loves music!