Welcome to the KingZoo and Funny Farm, where we learn to live, laugh, and love together. Here you'll find snippets of life in our zoo, parenting tips we've learned along the way, reflections on shining God's light in this world, passions in the realm of orphan care, and our journey as parents of a visually impaired child with sensory processing disorder. Have fun!

The King's Strings

It all started around 2005 years ago when we had 4 children all playing the violin. They took lessons from a couple who taught from their home so that rather than have four lessons in a row, we could divide them between the two teachers and be in and out much sooner. One of the requirements for lessons was that the children come to each week's lesson with a "by ear" tune; a familiar song that had been learned completely by ear and by trial and error. During the month of November, the children were encouraged to learn Christmas carols by this method. And we thought to ourselves, "We could take this on the road." So we did. I called all the retirement communities in the area and of course they were more than happy to allow free entertainment in their doors. Especially entertainment with a large dose of the cute factor; who wouldn't want to see a three year old with a miniature violin, wandering around the stage, following his siblings?

We've done a lot of growing and changing since then. Thankfully our music has matured. So has our sense of entertainment. And we've added more children and more instruments. As you can see, our family has grown much since the days of 4 children all playing the same instrument. That's a lot of children, and a lot of instruments, which means a lot of teachers and a lot of lessons. These days, with the number of concerts we do, we just about break even on the concert income-lesson expenses ratio.

If you're interested in more information about our family, you can contact us through our Facebook page, The King's Strings.